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Saying goodbye your way

Anne Garrison

My decision to become a funeral celebrant has stemmed from attending funerals which seemed very bland, almost impersonal and where the person leading the funeral knew very little about the deceased and failed to describe the rich and true nature of the life that had ended.  I recall going to the funeral of an elderly friend and thinking “I could have spoken and given my friend a better tribute than that”. I chose Green Fuse training as the course was recommended by a Funeral Director friend as providing the highest quality celebrants and the ones that they recommend to their own clients.

Growing up in a family lay preachers, teachers and local councillors, standing up to address an audience was never something to be afraid of.  I had early exposure of speaking in school, church and other performances participating debates at school and then more formal training as a teacher.   I have also spoken while I was Chairman of my College Alumni Association and as leader of a dance group so have the confidence to address audiences of all sizes, backgrounds and locations both indoors and outdoors.

For many years  have been fascinated by the story of peoples lives and an avid reader of biographies and the stories of “ordinary” people, but to me no one is ordinary - everyone has an extraordinary life story. These are the stories which I would like to tell during a ceremony.

For the last 20 years I have been a local business owner, based in Caversham, focusing on web design solutions and visiting people at home to provide computer training and troubleshooting services.  To extend and maintain my interests in dance, I have taught line dancing to a group of blind people and a pensioners group.   I continue to teach maypole dancing in schools and other events.  I am a active member of a local clog dance group, I also volunteer at the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading, providing guided tours of the exhibits.

I am originally from Yorkshire, spent part of my early life in Scotland, and have lived in Reading for over 30 years.

You helped to create and deliver a fitting tribute to my Dad, who passed away in difficult circumstances.  Your help and support in creating a eulogy with input from family was vital and the limited number there commented it was a true pen-picture of him.

Many thanks

rays of sun through cloud

Thank you for such a positive ceremony - not gloomy like so many others.