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Saying goodbye your way

How I can help you

Meet you in person or online to talk to you about the person you have lost and what you would like  to include in the ceremony.

I will endeavour to capture the truth of a persons life, through your memories and anecdotes, facts and the photographs shared.  If the deceased has left any wishes they can be incorporated into the ceremony.

Zoom gives me the opportunity to talk to people who I cannot meet in person.

If you wish, I can advise on music, songs, poems and readings to help you chose the right words and music to add to the celebration.

Create a script which will be sent to you for your approval.

Support you through the process – contact me by phone, email, Zoom or Facetime if you wish.

Offer support on public speaking if needed, if, during the ceremony they feel unable to read, I will read your words.

Liaise with the Funeral Directors and the ceremony venue. Conduct the ceremony.

Craft a personalised script of the ceremony for you to keep.

Personalising the funeral

We are used to seeing photographs at funerals, and having illustrated orders of service but there are many other things which you can do to personalise a funeral if you wish.

Coffins can be painted, you can decorate them yourself. Willow coffins can have flowers  woven into them.  

You could also create a decorative drape or create a collage of photographs for the coffin.

Funerals in more detail

Village Funeral photo J Billard

For other ideas, there is a very useful book called

we need to talk about the funeral

101 ways to commemorate and celebrate a life

 available as a book HERE

or download HERE

Talk about the Funeral