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Cheese press

In the early days of TT milk production (early 1920s) Grandad couldn’t sell everything he produced as milk so they made butter & cheese.  I assume that this dates from that period.

Large corn dolly  made by Dad 10-15 years ago,  about 2ft high

Gill measure

Bound copies of Farmers Weekly, June– Dec 1934 and Jan-  June 1935. The binding on the 1934 book is falling apart.  

Famos lamp which lit the living room at Home Farm

My Uncles boots,  he worked at Home Farm from around 1930 until after the war.  He worked on farms in a variety of places, from Chichester to Scotland in the 1960s but returned to Yorkshire after a bad accident (a cow slipped and sat on his leg).

We think that these were made by Rogersons of Peebles.   

3 china lampshades which were used in the farm buildings when electricity was first installed

A press for pushing the cardboard tops on to milk bottles - we may have some of the cardboard tops.

Cardboard egg box - with Coopers name on it

Dipper - I assume that it was for milk

We called this a pansion - never seen it written down so I don’t know the spelling.  

Aprox 2ft across but not in good condition

Milking pail with a Listers mark on it.

Here is the prizewinning team from 1927 using similar pails